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Why does the Assessment process take several sessions?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

If we're standing too close the the mirror, our image is blurry. It takes an outsider to carefully comb through our stories with us, and help us to back up, so that the whole situation comes into focus.

Assessment is second nature to me. Born with the gift of an analytical mind, a passion for helping, and the habits of over 10 years work in assessment services, you couldn't trust your story to more capable hands.


Sometimes we can’t identify what's important because we’ve got our heads full of other things that are not important. Like it or not, we all have blind spots.

I'm acutely aware of the level of trust it takes to reveal those shadow parts of ourselves to another human. Those vulnerable parts of our stories, along with our favorite parts need to both be a part of the telling. It can be hard to know where to start. This is where the skills of a trained professional are an asset.

Thoroughness is Key

In your assessment, I will gather careful details about your current situation, reason for seeking services, your strengths, vulnerabilities, relational patterns, family history, personal history and very importantly, your goals! A broad ranging series of questions (spanning many written pages) will be presented to you, and you will have the opportunity to talk in an un-rushed and extensive manner. The very telling of our stories results in many people getting clearer about how past dynamics are influencing their current situation, and how their strengths can be used to help them shine brighter and make the changes they wish to accomplish. Your assessment is therapy, and with my motivational interviewing technique, you will begin to see immediate changes as your perspective shifts just by the narration of your story.

Typically the first 90 minute Assessment Session is dedicated to discussion of informed consent issues and exploration of your overall reason for seeking therapy. It is not unusual for the assessment to be left unfinished at the end of the first session. Thereafter, the assessment can either be completed with an accelerated timeline of further assessment sessions of 90 minutes, or can be completed gradually in the context of subsequent 50 minute sessions (for individuals).

Those with a need for an accelerated schedule of services are encouraged to enquire about Bespoke Services which include compressed assessment and sessions, meeting either on subsequent days or over weekends.


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