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Thank you for choosing Cybertherapy Consulting, EI. Whether you are a new client, or returning for regular sessions, I am sincerely grateful for your trust. Let's get you on the road to your vision of optimum wellness, with a flexible payment method that is right for you. The methods of payment accepted are explained on the Services tab. Bank details will be sent to all clients requesting to pay via bank transfer.

Credit Card Payments

To pay by credit card, please select the service from the list below for pre-payment of your session. To pay an existing invoice via credit card, with a known amount and invoice number, please select the last option in the list below. 

Initial Consultation

30 minute appointment for prospective clients to discuss their reason for seeking consulting services, and to explore their goodness of fit for Cybertherapy Consulting. Outside referrals may be made at the conclusion of the consult if necessary.

New Client Assessment

90 minutes for new clients to receive an in depth comprehensive assessment covering their unique histories, goals, and objectives.

Individual Session

50 minute appointment for current clients to address their personal wellness goals.

Couples/Family Session

90 minute appointment for couples or families to address their personal wellness goals.

Existing Invoice

Select this option to pay an existing invoice via credit card which has been issued via email. You will need to enter the amount and invoice number.

Dr. Marie C. Dumas, EI
Cybertherapy Consulting

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