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Individual wellness sessions are a good place to start if you're feeling like your issues are complex, or if you'd like to speak in private. Perhaps you're wondering if you need services at all, or what services to seek, or you've been meaning to seek help and a loved one or a professional has encouraged you to talk to someone. Follow your intuition and begin with a consultation. You deserve to be heard and to have a space in which you can safely and confidentially process your issues. Some people also choose to work individually prior to beginning couples sessions, which many find beneficial in clarifying their thoughts before couples work starts. 

Couples work is recommended for individuals seeking a third party to help with relational perspective-taking and skill development. It often greatly assists couples to reach, resolve, or clarify their relational patterns and goals. In order to allow for all participating members to share their thoughts, and be given time to respond without rushing, 90 minutes weekly is recommended for couples and family wellness sessions. Family sessions can include any session including more than one client.

Flexible, bespoke sessions are custom-tailored to the needs of the client in order to provide a maximum of progress in a minimum of time. Complex issues may be effectively resolved with intensive assessment followed by successive daily or weekend sessions. Busy individuals or families with time to dedicate to rapid progress are encouraged to inquire, and relay what type of timeframe and session would best meet their needs. Onsite, destination, or videoconferenced mediums are available. Price upon request.


30 Minute Initial Consultation EUR/USD 75.00

90 Minute New Client Assessment EUR/USD 225.00

50 Minute Session EUR/USD 125.00

90 Minute Couples or Family Session EUR/USD 225.00

Bespoke Intensive or Onsite Session Price Upon Request

Consultants offer their services at fixed time intervals. Unlike medical appointments, an exclusive fixed time is reserved for you and your consultant to conduct sessions. When thinking about service cost, it is important to compare Cybertherapy's wellness consulting prices with the cost of other services provided by doctoral level professionals in terms of the real cost per hour, and its value.


For your convenience I accept bank transfers in EUR, cash, or payment by credit cards in EUR. If you are a United States domiciled resident, the rate for your country will be expressed in EUR at the current exchange rate on an invoice for prepayment. Your invoice will arrive via email, with supplemental information for payment based on your selected payment method. Cybertherapy Consulting does not accept health insurance as payment for services, and is not healthcare. 

Services are invoiced upon confirmation of the booking, and are due in full prior to the start of the session. Refunds are guaranteed in the event of cancellation 48 hours or more prior to the appointment (less any transaction fees). Any cancellation less than 48 hours’ notice will not be refunded, and shall be considered a late cancellation fee.


Session times include connection and troubleshooting time and will not be extended due to a late start or technical difficulties. In the event of a failure related to connection, video, or Internet, an audio only session will be conducted.

Dr. Marie C. Dumas, EI
Cybertherapy Consulting

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